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Mohawk Microgreens started during the Covid-19 quarantine as a way to guarantee access to healthy greens for our Little Falls NY community, as well as to teach agronomy and science to our son.

​I am an aerospace engineer and at one time was one of the largest organic corn farmers in New York. Seeing store shelves bare at the start of the quarantine reinforced to me the need for indoor vertical farms in city centers. Microgreens are unique in that they are so dense in nutrition and are more suited for growing in city vertical farms than to rural farms.

Eat healthy, live longer, contribute to your community.

Brought to you with care and love,​

Daniel Preston & family.


We have a deep interest in growing microgreens shown to have anticancer and longevity properties. 

For more info, please go to the product page and click on each microgreen.

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