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  • What is a Microgreen?
    Microgreens are a tiny form of edible greens produced from very young vegetable, herb or other plants. They range in size from 1 to 1.5 inches long, including the stem and leaves. Some Microgreens typically have the first set of partially opened or small fully opened true leaves as well. They are generally one to two weeks old when harvested.
  • How are Microgreens used?
    Having surprisingly intense flavors considering their small size, Microgreens are used as a flavor ingredient and accent while bringing visual enhancement for upscale cuisine. Microgreens’ delicate, fresh appearance adds beauty and dimension combined with a range of distinct flavor elements.
  • What is the best way to store Microgreens prior to use?
    Microgreens should be kept in Refrigeration at 38-40 degrees in a closed container.
  • How long can Microgreens last once they have been harvested?
    Microgreens usually last at least 5-7 days if they are refrigerated at the right temperature. Microgreens shelf life will vary depending on a variety of things such as climate, growing method, handling, and packaging.
  • How does your CSA work?
    Pretty simply. You order either a SMALL Box or LARGE Box of microgreens. We fill up that box with our available microgreens. You choose to receive a box either every week or every other week and you may PICK UP on a set day and time window. Thursdays from 2-5 pm.
  • Can I buy a box without joining the CSA?
    Absolutely! Just go to the product page and select the option that you like.
  • When do I pick up?
    As of now, our pick is Thursdays from 2-5 pm. at the given address. You will receive an email once your order is ready with the address.
  • Do you deliver?
    We currently do local deliveries in LIttle Falls, NY (13365) for a small fee. If you are out of our delivery area and are still interested in our yummy greens please contact us and we will work something out.
  • Do you ship?
    Right now we are only doing local deliveries but we hope to offer shipping in the near future.
  • How do I know which box is right for me?
    It depends largely on how often you cook and how do you use your microgreens, but you can generally plan on about enough greens for 1-2 people for a week in our 4oz Box and enough for 3-5 people in our 8oz Box.
  • What types of microgreens are in the box?
    Generally, we try to put together a well-rounded group that varies in color and taste options. The surprise is part of the fun! When you receive your box, place it in the fridge as soon as possible; also, wash each item before preparing or eating them.
  • Can I choose what's in my box?
    The surprise part is the fun, but if theres something you love or dont really care for please let us know and we will try to prepare a different box for you.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, personal and all major credit cards for all online purchases.
  • Where do you grow your products?
    Everything you'll taste is grown in our kitchen in LIttle Falls, NY
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